The Transplanter 3-Stage Growing System
Transplanter 3-Stage Growing System for Container Plants

The Transplanter 3-Stage Growing System

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  • Does not disturb root mass when repotting.
  • Reduces damage to plant and transplant shock.
  • Reduces the time required to repot your plants.
  • Reduces the mess associated with repotting.
  • Allows for quick and easy root inspection.
The Transplanter Growing System better, easy, and fun way of transplanting and repotting! The unique feature of Transplanter™ is that it is a 3-stage growing system that grows with your plant.

Each stage of the growing system (small, medium, or large) may be removed from the plant and soil after being placed in it's next sized Transplanter™ stage and container or pot, without disturbing the root system, and without the mess.

Transplanter™ growing systems are designed to be undetectable once the container is filled with plant and soil. Simply cut the flaps from the side, and lift - The plant will slide through and remain in the pot with the soil!

Each Transplanter™ 3-Pack includes 1 ea. of the following sizes:

• 1 Small - Fits 4" - 6" diameter pot
• 1 Medium - Fits 7" - 9" diameter pot
• 1 Large - Fits 10" - 12" diameter pot
( all sizes are black in color - pots are not included)

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