Sprinkler Station Junior (30 ft. dia.)
Sprinkler Station Jr. Pop-up Permanent In-ground Sprinkler

Sprinkler Station Junior (30 ft. dia.)

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  • Installs in minutes! No trenches to dig, no pipes to bury.
  • Hassle-free! Just "click" on hose when you want to water.
  • Comes with quick-connect fitting for garden hose.
  • "Pop-up / Pop-down" design stays in place, even while you mow.
  • Adjustable - Water large or small areas of your lawn (up to 30 ft. diameter)
Sprinkler Station Jr. has a fan spray of approximately 30 ft. in diameter, and can be adjusted to suit your lawn size and shape.

Sprinkler Station is a new permanent in-ground "pop-up" lawn sprinkler that replaces the sprinkler that you currently place in your lawn and have to move to mow the grass. Bury and aim our sprinkler one time, and it stays in place, adjusted as you set it! Mow right over it!

After burying our sprinkler, to water the grass, just “click” a standard garden hose onto the buried sprinkler using the included quick connector. The water pressure causes the sprinkler to pop up out of the ground spraying water. Just “Un-click” the hose, the sprinkler hides underground again, out of the way of the lawn mower. “Click” it on again and it pops up again, aimed the same way as the last time. Installation is simple, just dig a hole about 10” long and 10” deep; no need to dig trenches across the lawn.

Tips: Bury 2 or 3 Sprinkler Stations to cover your entire lawn! Connect a splitter to your faucet to use more than one hose. Utilize a shut off timer to stop the water after the correct amount of time.

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