Radius Garden Ergonomic Cultivator
Natural Radius Grip (NRG™) Ergonomic Cultivator

Radius Garden Ergonomic Cultivator

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  • Aluminum / magnesium alloy blade that is ultra-light, and has exceptional strength to weight ratio.
  • Handle made from Santoprene™ thermoplastic to provide secure, comfortable grip whether wet or dry.
  • Unique shape angles tines into soil for deep cultivation.
  • Tines ridged along the pulling edge for easly cultivation
  • Precision tool for working in small spaces.
  • Made strong to pull out stubborn roots.
  • Dimensions: 3.25" W x 11.75" L x 3.5" D | Weight: 8.25 oz
The Natural Radius Grip (NRG™) Ergonomic Cultivator is great for scraping away seedlings before they get out of control in your garden, this cultivator extends your reach so that you can get to those hard-to-get-to places.

The unique shape of this tool helps to angle the ridged tines into the soil for deeper penetration with less work and fatigue.

Natural Radius Grip™, is a patent-pending design that allows the blade of a tool to be positioned so that the natural strength of your large muscles can flow in a path parallel to the radius bone in your forearm through the center of your wrist, and through the grip, toward the tip of the tool blade. With your wrist in the neutral position, you have more power and more strength, with significantly less stress and fatigue. (click on "Image Gallery" for additional details)

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