Hydretain ES Natural Root Zone Moisture Manager (1 qt.)
Hydretain® Extra Strength Root Zone Moisture Manager: 1 Quart Bottle with Calibrated Applicator

Hydretain ES Natural Root Zone Moisture Manager (1 qt.)

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  • Reduces watering frequency by up to 50%
  • Helps eliminate drought stress cycles.
  • Control dry spots in turf.
  • Can be added to any Treegator® Bag
  • Provides a constant source of nutrient uptake.
What is Hydretain® ES Plus?
Hydretain® ES Plus is a patented, fully organic and biodegradable blend of liquid humectant and hygroscopic compounds that attract and hold moisture like tiny water magnets within soil. Hydretain® Extra Strength Root Zone Moisture Manager also features an advanced environmentally sound surfactant for improved soil penetration. Hydretain® ES Plus manages available soil moisture, extending watering intervals of indoor and outdoor plants, flowers, vegetables, shrubs, trees and grasses by as much as 2 to 3 times.

How often is Hydretain® applied?
Each application reduces watering for up to 3 months! Hydretain® Plus ES 1 quart bottle comes with an easy to use calibrated nozzle - Just attach your garden hose, and apply to your lawn / turf. One quart treats up to 3,500 square feet, and lasts for up to 3 months!

And, Hydretain® ES Plus also works great in any Treegator® Bag. Just add 4 ounces of Hydretain® ES Plus for every 1" of tree caliper (trunk diameter) to your Treegator® Bag when filling with water. Hydretain® ES Plus will reduce your Treegator® watering frequency by up to 50%, and one application lasts for up to 3 months. In most cases, you'll only have to fill your Treegator® Bag once every 10 to 14 days during that time!

How to apply Hydretain® ES Plus:
Simply apply Hydretain® ES plus by attaching the bottle with hose-end sprayer to your garden hose, it’s that easy. After you apply Hydretain® ES Plus, rinse it off the foliage and into the soil, then within 24 hours, water heavily enough to carry Hydretain® ES Plus down to and throughout the root zone. This allows Hydretain® ES Plus  to attach to your roots and begin to manage your moisture and keep your plants and turf alive and healthy.

Soil should be wet to moist (but not saturated) before applying Hydretain® ES Plus. Water thoroughly the night before or a few hours before applying. Through hose-end sprayer, 1 quart treats up to 3,500 square feet (depending on desired watering reduction). Immediately after applying, water thoroughly, rinsing Hydretain down into the root zone, where it is designed to function. (Approximately 1/2 inch of water is needed.)

Trees, Shrubs and Individual Plants:
Add 4 ounces for every 1" of tree caliper (trunk diameter) to any Treegator® Bag. Fill Treegator® Bag with water and let empty. Hydretain® ES Plus can be applied once every 3 months.

Large Planters, Flowers and Vegetable Gardens:
Through hose-end sprayer, apply Hydretain® ES Plus around plant root zone at a rate of 1 quart of concentrate per 1,000 square feet.

Potted or Containerized Plants:
Through hose-end sprayer, apply enough Hydretain® ES Plus to thoroughly saturate the soil throughout the pot or container. (For indoor plants, fill jug or watering can from hose-end sprayer or mix 2 ounces of concentrate with each gallon of water.)

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