Bobbex Deer Repellent and Plant Nutrient
Bobbex™ Deer Repellent and Plant Nutrient 32 ox. Ready-to-Use Spray Bottle

Bobbex Deer Repellent and Plant Nutrient

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Bobbex™ is formulated and proven to substantially reduce damage to plantings by safely disrupting the browsing habits of deer while also improving plant growth and vitality.

Bobbex™ provides a wide range of trace elements that will enhance plants in exhausted or leached soils. Bobbex™ will help protect your plantings from reduced moisture content during periods of water reduced weather conditions. In the winter, cold weather, blustery winds, and frozen soils reduce a plants ability to absorb moisture needed to maintain vitality. Bobbex™ provides retention of moisture in the plantings through periods of frigid winter weather, in addition to deer deterrence. It will also reduce damage from a late spring or early fall frost.

Bobbex™ can be sprayed on any ornamental including flowering shrubbery, etc. Bobbex™ will leave a slight visible residue to let the user know it remains on the plant and is working to prevent deer damage.

Bobbex™ is applied directly on the surface of foliage to repel deer and stimulate plant growth and vitality. It is readily diluted in water. Bobbex™ is environmentally compatible and harmless to all wild life including fish, pets, humans, birds, insects, etc.

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